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ACT is a pioneer Multimedia Computer Institute in Karachi impart Information Technology..................
ACT offers quick, short-term courses to students & working professionals who wish to sharpen their skills in one or more tools or software like MS-Office, Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Auto Cad, Peach-tree Accounting, Quick book, Advance Excel etc. The courses offered by the Institute, covering a wide range of fields, are especially designed to help students gain an insight into the subject matter.


The Advance Computer Technology will provide the highest quality technology-based services, in the most cost-effective manner, to facilitate the Institute mission as it applies to the management, teaching, learning, and community service.

Impart Information Technology concepts, knowledge , skills and world   class training in to youth so that they are able to capitalize on the ever   increasing opportunities in Pakistan and abroad for successful    careers, professional advancement and satisfying jobs.


To meet this mission we will:
• Provide quality education to help the students gain an understanding       of the terminology and standards in modern day computer.
• Provide effective technology support for audio/visual, computer,     multimedia, voice, video, and web based applications and services to     all areas of the institute. 
• Promote and facilitate the effective integration of technology into the     basic mission of the institute through planning, programming,     training, consulting, and other support activities. 
• Develop, enhance, and manage the Institute's enterprise networks to     provide high speed, transparent, and highly functional connectivity     among all information resources. 
• Develop and maintain highly effective, reliable, secure, and innovative     information systems to support instructional, administrative and     research functions. 
• Provide capabilities including the ability to develop and manage the     distribution (and marketing) through broadcast, narrowcast,     broadband, software, the Web and other telecommunications     technologies Institute programs, products and services both within     and beyond the Institute district.
• Promote new uses of information technology within the institution     through the support for exploratory and innovative applications. 
• Provide leadership for effective strategic and tactical planning in the     use of technology.
• Provide fast & reliable access to all information systems.